The opportunities of relaunching yourself as a completely new brand

Establishing a brand new identity for a 100-year-old company that was one of the most recognized and admired brands in the world can be a daunting challenge. But that’s what we did – dramatically and successfully.

After operating as a part of General Electric since 1904, GE Supply was sold to the French multi-national, Rexel. The new parent renamed the company Gexpro. A new company, with a new name and a clean slate, Gexpro was being shaped according to four operating principles: Professionalism, Accountability, Customer-Focus and Experienced. We used these four attributes to create four brand-building trade ads that showed how the new brand delivered on each of those four messages. The ads also revealed Gexpro’s new personality as a clever, fun, thoughtful and focused player in the market.

As the new company evolved and staked out a new position as an energy leadership company, we helped lead the way with messaging that is truly revolutionary in this category.  Maier was instrumental in developing Gexpro’s go-to-market strategy for integrated energy offerings with the Maier-developed Active-8 program. We evolved that strategy further with messaging to lead the company’s industry-focused energy leadership program.

The continuing initiative develops customer conversations with websites and online campaigns, vertical-industry-focused presentations, video, advertising, collateral and customer outreach.


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