Branding the New Energy Reality

How the world generates, moves, regulates, prices and consumes energy is fundamentally changing. We help GE Energy streamline and clarify a world of change with a multi-level, multi-year campaign that established the need for a new energy reality and demonstrated hoe GE’s solution rises above the alternatives.

The initiative launched with a “Redefining Reality” messaging that tracked worldwide needs with GE’s thought leadership. The messaging was rolled out in global trade shows, online, in print and with video support. As the industry moved forward, GE’s messaging moved forward – with an evolution to Real. Smart. Solutions. positioning that showed the smart grid is here and GE is leading the charge. That ongoing campaign captured the market with a strategic infiltration that included partnerships with third arties, such as National Geographic, websites, online advertising, community outreach, collateral, thought-leadership videos and educational infographics.

GE Energy

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