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StageRight: The Difference Between an Event Practice and Event Production

The conversation goes something like this:
“It’s time to start planning the annual sales meeting. Any ideas? We went to San Diego last year. How does everyone feel about New Orleans?” Or, “Our annual meeting with our distributors is coming up soon. What should the theme be? The Avengers seem pretty popular right now.” Or, “It’s national tradeshow time again. What should we give away at the booth?”

And so begins the important, painstaking work by a small group of people who will take on this important, expensive project, most likely in addition to their day-to-day responsibilities. Because, after all, this is only an annual or semi-annual event, right?

The event arrives and, hopefully, it’s a pleasant experience for everyone. It ends without any major issues. Everyone goes home and it’s back to work for a while until it is time to start planning next year’s event. And we begin again.

Elevation through discipline, rigor and strategic implementation.
The fact that an event occurs only annually or semi-annually should intensify your focus on success. You may not have another chance to make a live, impactful impression for another year. That’s a pretty long shelf life for the messages you deliver about your company, products, services and brand. Good for you if you hit a home run, bad news if you miss the mark.

A live event is a multi-faceted, costly, resource-intensive undertaking. Focus can shift quickly from the strategic imperative of why the event is happening in the first place to the many tactical elements required to execute such a high profile endeavor. And often its success is determined by how few complaints were heard and/or the enjoyment level of the attendees.

As masters of true communication, Maier’s StageRight event practice brings discipline and rigor to the event process. We use our expertise to help develop and deliver a live-event experience that engages attendees, while ensuring the time and resources spent on the event maximize return on investment, aligns with the overall business strategy and delivers measurable results. And we provide relief for marketing communications people already operating at maximum capacity.

This is the StageRight event practice difference.  It’s so much more than event management and event production. We are on the journey with you – from concept creation to execution to post-event communications and follow-up – to create a memorable experience for attendees that achieves strategic business goals and maximizes return on investment.

As planning for 2016 events gets under way, take a moment to take a step back and ponder how to take your next in-person event to the next level and deliver measurable results.