Maier, in the truest sense.

What do we mean by True Communication? The answer changes all the time. And that makes it exciting.

Megaphone marketing has been replaced with dialogs – exchanges with customers that offer targeted, useful, easy-to-obtain information. We love making those connections for you, as we combine traditional and emerging media with 30+ years of communications know-how.

The “how” of making those connections varies. There’s no silver bullet, no technology or new media that ensures a successful campaign. Rather, we draw from our experience in print and digital marketing to create a solution based on your needs, goals and budget.

  • Founded in 1971, Maier is the longest operating agency in Connecticut under original ownership
  • Staffed exclusively by senior-level employees
  • Serving Fortune 500 as well as smaller regional companies
  • Selected by B2B Magazine as one of the top B-to-B agencies in the U.S. for 10 years in a row

Current experience.

Since our beginning, we’ve worked with too many clients and industries to number . So here’s a partial list of current client relationships:

What makes these relationships work goes beyond marketing knowledge. There also needs to be chemistry – on both sides.

We’d be delighted to arrange a meeting, however brief, and see where that takes us.